nEURO Nesting 3.0

Welcome to our Erasmus+ Project

NEURO NESTING 3.0 is a cross-curricular project based on the world of birds and focused on different multiple intelligences, through the use of active methodologies. The title is a pun, in which the word EURO stands out, and refers to the fact that it is a European project, the nEURO unit in turn forms the word neuro, referring to the study of neuroscience as a fundamental part in development and child learning, wheremultiple intelligences play a fundamental role. Lastly, the word nesting refers to the theme of birds and the environment and 3.0 to the use of new technologies.

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Project coordinator


Laura Giner, Palmireno School, Spain

My name is Laura. I work as secretary and I'm also an English teacher at Palmireno School in Spain. I have been involved in different Erasmus projects since 2009, some of them as a coordinator.

I love teaching, travelling and knowing new people and places.

Project partners


Vasilica Augusta Gazdac, Vocational School "Tiberiu Morariu" Salva, Romania

My name is Vasilica Augusta Gazdac, preschool teacher for 24 years at the Vocational School "Tiberiu Morariu"  Salva, county Bistrita-Năsăud, Romania. I am an eTwinning member since 2007, #AmbassadoreTwiinning since 2013, running creative eTwinning projects, Comenius and Erasmus+ partnerships. #AmbassadorErasmus since 2021 and thank you all for this wonderful project.


Pedro Pinheiro, Escola Básica Integrada de Ribeira Grande, Portugal

I'm a teacher of Portuguese and English for about 20 years now. In the last ten years I've been teaching English and Robotics at Escola Básica Integrada de Ribeira Grande, in São Miguel island, Azores archipelago.

I love teaching, travelling and technology, so my aim is always to enhance learning of English through the usage of ICT.


Louiza Vasileiou, 3rd Elementary School of Eleftheria-Kordelio, Greece

My name is Louiza Vasileiou. I am an English teacher at  the 3rd Primary school of Eleftherio Kordelio and the coordinator of the project for the Greek school. I am 52 years old, married, with two daughters. I have great experience  in European projects and I have involved my students in a number of National and European actions and competitions with corresponding awards. I am interested in innovative teaching approaches which promote experiential learning. I am also fond of travels, reading, theatre and art.