In Bulgaria the education system is characterized by centralized management in the Ministry of Education and Science. Our school was renovated in 2013 and has 19 teachers and 311 children (1 and 7 years old) where 7 children have special educational needs. Children participate in different groups, according to their interests (art, sports, dance ...) English is studied from 5 years old. There is a team of qualified teachers who actively participate in the preparation and implementation of all project activities, such as presentations, logos, brochures, information useful on birds and others. Each teacher is qualified to teach students subjects such as environmental science, mathematics, and language arts Bulgarian. There are two English teachers and a music teacher. Other digital skills and competencies are also worked on through screens
digital and interactive or non-interactive toys.

In the school there are teachers who can participate in the creation of an etwinning project and its maintenance, layout videos, brochures ... Centro has experience in three very successful Erasmus projects, focused on innovative methodologies and active learning in different areas. In our school we do many outdoor activities, art, language skills development, using interesting methods based in constructivist ideas and active learning.

By participating in this project, our goal is to realize children's views on human behavior and protect nature. To provoke creative thinking in children, create the conditions for the acquisition of a set of competencies: knowledge, skills and attitudes necessary for a child's successful transition to elementary school. Develop observational learning, imagination, children's cognitive activity; knowledge of nature and birds, their diversity. For this we would like to cooperate with other European schools s with common interests developing new practices and fostering an interest in nature in our students. 

The school is located in a unique place for bird lovers due to the amount there are throughout the seasons and because it is located close to 3 major lakes of international importance that provide a great variety of ecological conditions to host them, many of them which are in danger of extinction. Burgas' unique location at the westernmost point of the entire Black Sea coast is the reason why migratory flows over the city
they are particularly intense. 

Silvija Nikolova, English teacher, will be the coordinator and responsible for the implementation and development of the project. Stoyka Yondova (Director) will oversee the project and Kristina Marazova (J. de Estudios) will manage the budget. If any of these people leave the project, she will be replaced by another English teacher and the principal.