Eleftherio-Kordelio is a public school located in the western part of Thessaloniki with 30 teachers and 220 pupils between the ages of 6 and 12. The students learn English, French or German. The center has participated in many national and international seminars, competitions and projects and Experiential learning-based activities that help students acquire useful skills and promote their interest in learning.
We are proud of our participation in competitions organized by the Ministry of Education, being awarded the flag of schools ecological and we are participating in the ECO School Network. 

We believe that appropriate student behavior will ensure uninterrupted instruction and foster an atmosphere conducive to learning. learning and that acts of violence can disrupt the learning process and have a negative effect. Therefore, the center searches through this project to investigate and learn other active approaches and methodologies where students are the main part of learning and encourage cooperative and collaborative work. In addition, developing an interdisciplinary project on the environment and birds through the approach of Multiple intelligences can enable students to acquire knowledge in a motivating way that they can later apply in real life. The center hopes to maintain its international character by developing a new network with new schools and developing in its students social and language skills.

All teachers will actively participate by sharing knowledge and exchanging experiences. The school director has participated in many Erasmus programs and cooperates with many educational institutions. She attends many seminars and is constantly informed about new educational models. She is the person who will be in charge of the coordination and who contacts European schools and creates links that lead to the formation of very successful Erasmus associations and programs.

The English teacher applies innovative methods and uses transversal approaches. She has participated in Comenius Regio and Erasmus projects since 2012. She cooperates with the British Council and trains students to participate in national and international competitions, in which many times they are awarded. As an expert in English, she will be in charge of implementing activities, translating documents and she will be the person contact.

The teacher of new technologies will carry out the technical support and will help the students to promote their skills in new technologies. If these people leave, the assistant principal and teacher Pavlos Akritidis will assume the coordination and dissemination of the results. This person has attended programs related to school behavior problems, learning difficulties, and special education.