CEIP Juan Lorenzo Palmireno school is located in a city in southern Aragon with 16,000 inhabitants. It is a bilingual public kindergarten and elementary school and 1-way with 202 students and 18 teachers, of which 20% are immigrants and 2 students with special educational needs. The Parents' association, plays an active role by participating in complementary activities carried out by the center and organizing extracurricular activities.

For 8 years, we have participated in several Erasmus projects, valuing the participation in these programs very positively. In addition, during this time the coordinating person has been the same and the experience in this regard helps when it comes to providing solutions or ideas to enrich the project. In the event that said person had to be supplanted, it would be the Director of the center, with the same experience, who would take over. After finishing the last of them, we continue betting on this type of projects that allow us to continue growing as European people through a topic and helping all of us to develop the linguistic part of a foreign language as a fundamental part of the British curriculum of our school.

As a bilingual center, the methodology we use is CLIL but we also bet on the use of the new technologies and other active methodologies or approaches such as multiple intelligences. We want to continue being a school open to Europe and learn from other European professionals different methodologies and good practices to integrate them into our educational system.

Starting from our own experience, we would like to continue developing professionally and for the impact to extend beyond our borders as we have been doing so far. We believe that the mobility of both teachers and students is the key to improving the quality of teaching. So, we would like to participate again in this program to develop in a more profound way a transversal project that link all the aspects in relation to the world of birds, the care of the environment and the problems of climate change. Also, if with this project we managed to emphasize the effect of certain actions for the destruction of the planet will make our students aware and thus increase your motivation by making learning more meaningful and relevant. And improving the use of basic skills as demanded in our educational system. In this way, our curricular project in the area of ​​Sciences will be enriched by favoring their once the use of the foreign language. A project where the integration of multiple intelligences will favor the inclusion of all children regardless of their language skills as it will enhance the diversity of skills and experiences in the students. By last, We think that this Erasmus project will help us to develop a more global vision of climate goals at the European level.

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