nEURO Nesting 3.0 is a cross-curricular project based on the world of birds and focused on different multiple intelligences, through the use of active methodologies. The title is a pun, in which the word EURO stands out, and refers to the fact that it is a European project, the nEURO unit in turn forms the word neuro, referring to the study of neuroscience as a fundamental part in development and child learning, wheremultiple intelligences play a fundamental role. Lastly, the word nesting refers to the theme of birds and the environment and 3.0 to the use of new technologies.

With this project, we intend to incorporate our specific knowledge of the birds from our environments and countries, of the migratory movements to other parts of Europe and to be aware of their importance and of the environmental impact of the danger of extinction of some species. We believe that a project, undertaken with other European schools with the same needs, helps to strengthen and promote experiences and knowledge in a more effective, positive way. The range of activities will be carried out using active methodologies and will be extended via different multiple intelligences working on different aspects of the topic in a more specific, scientific, linguistic, naturalistic, mathematical, intra and interpersonal, musical, spatial and kinesthetic way.

The objectives we intend to achieve, with the consequent European added value, and which refer to the needs of the centers, are reflectedbelow:

  • Share with other European schools active methodologies
  • Get to know other European school realities-Increase awareness of the importance of environmental care for the conservation of species
  • Develop students’ interest and curiosity in the world of birds-Know and compare how students from other countries work on the same content-Give opportunities to children to communicate with other children through eTwinning, video conferences, e-mail, and face-to-face in meetingsthrough the planned mobilities using English as a vehicular language
  • Provide a real context in which students can learn about other countries and cultures within Europe
  • Use the international dimension to provide added value for students and teachers-Provide a real context to develop innovative use of new technologies for communication between schools
  • Promote teachers’ professional development through international cooperation by sharing good practices and acquiring new approaches andthus enriching our curriculum
  • Enrich each other through peer training-Facilitate the acquisition of key skills and social skills
  • Offer more complete and real learning by applying activities that develop multiple intelligences in the classroom
  • Promote educational innovation by implementing the use of active methodologies in the centers.

We want to be a school open to Europe, to learn and integrate in the day to day of our school those relevant European aspects and newpractices that are done in other schools.

The project is divided into 7 sections. Each section will work on one or more multiple intelligences:

  • SECTION I “NESTING ON RELATIONSHIPS” based on Intra and inter personal intelligence
  • SECTION II "NESTING ON LETTERS" based on Linguistic intelligence
  • SECTION III “NESTING ON NUMBERS” based on Mathematic intelligence
  • SECTION IV “NESTING ON MOVEMENT” based on Kinesthetic intelligence
  • SECTION V “NESTING ON ARTS” based on Musical and Visual-Spatial intelligence
  • SECTION VI "NESTING ON NATURE" based on Naturalistic intelligence
  • SECTION VII “NESTING ON EUROPE” based on all of the intelligences

The results and products of the seven sections will be:

  • Project logo, Video presentation of each school and its environment
  • Filming of an advertisement about the importance of caring for the environment to protect birds
  • Bird calendar with environmental care standards
  • Training sessions with different experts on birds and active methodologies
  • Multilingual Dictionary with the name of the birds in the different languages of the project countries with their origin in Latin
  • Digital prototype with photos and information of the surrounding birds
  • Euro-Booklet of poems, riddles and fables about the birds in each country.
  • Exhibition and compilation of material about birds in the school Erasmus corner
  • Comparative graphs (bird size, speed, weight, wings opening ...)
  • Map with the routes of the migratory movement of birds
  • “Talking walls”: Art exhibition: painting with feathers, symmetry, feeders and bird houses ...
  • Innovative approaches and active methodologies workstations
  • More modern, dynamic, committed and ready environment to integrate good practices and new methods in the daily activities of the centers
  • Greater capacity and professionalism to work at European level