In our school there are 18 teachers and 250 students between the ages of 3 and 16. The school consists of 2 buildings. The first building It houses nursery and primary classes and the second building is secondary and the vocational cycle. There are a total of 14 classrooms and 3 laboratories. The laboratory It is equipped with 15 computers, a smart table and 24 tablets. Most of the children come from lower class families because the parents they work in agriculture. Some are immigrants from Spain, Italy, the United Kingdom and the children remained in the care of grandparents or others relatives. In our school we are studying English as the first foreign language and in the secondary cycle French as a second language foreign.

The need to share experiences of good practices in the field of natural sciences, makes us look for practical solutions and successful in European schools applying the project method. Our school was involved in the development of new content IT scientist, project and in the Ecotic School in Environmental Education project We also collaborate with the New Horizons Foundation for two projects Volunteer Club Salva and Schools connected to the community that provides ecological activities non-formal and involves students in sustainable activities in rural communities in the long term. Because our school is located in the Rodna Mountains Nature Reserve, we want to exchange best practices with other European schools on the environment environment and bird species and effective ways to achieve real ompetition for students, teachers and parents in the wild.

Vasilica Gazdac is our contact person. This teacher is a very good ambassador and coordinator of Etwinning, Comenius projects, Erasmus + projects at school level. During the past year she participated in numerous stages of professional training (Climate change, One planet green). Thanks to her results, our school has become a benchmark in the Bistrita-Nasaud regional county. From the year 2015 she became an eTwinning ambassador in Romania and also obtained the Etwinning seal in 2019.
Anamaria Pop-educational advisor in charge of educational work, local projects such as Eco-tic and Let's Go Green, she coordinated internally and she carried out the evaluation of previous Erasmus + projects.
Luminita Girigan- elementary school teacher, coordinates projects and interactive activities in learning English at an early age and is the responsible for disseminating previous Erasmus + projects.
Our school has rich experience in the development of educational materials in other Erasmus + projects and digital applications such as QR, Taxgedo, Padlet, Thinklink, Issuu. Our school will coordinate the dissemination plan and the etwinning project.